Curveballs and Dreams

When life throws you a curveball it’s only natural to stop and take stock, to evaluate your choices and make sure you’re living your best life. I’ve recently had such a curveball and I’ve been making such an evaluation. Historically, my life choices have been made with financial security in mind. I knew from a… Continue reading Curveballs and Dreams


I’m Loathe to Admit When I’m wrong

The unfortunate truth of adulthood is that growth and change are usually the result of negative stimuli and the things holding us back typically come from within. Pair these together and they make a long road with a steep learning curve. Now I can’t say this is true for all people, but it's true for me and… Continue reading I’m Loathe to Admit When I’m wrong

Self-love and a Basket of Puppies

Looking back, I cannot say that love has changed much throughout the years. Certainly, the acceptance of open discussion has increased but the topics themselves remain the same. I’m sure that for many, who have not been paying attention to the world around them, the various ways of loving and living seem new and outrageous… Continue reading Self-love and a Basket of Puppies