When I was eighteen, I came across an accident on the highway. A Jeep had taken a corner too quickly on a snow covered mountain pass, and ended up on its roof. I pulled over and ran up to the accident site to see if they needed help. What they saw: Me at eighteen, dressed… Continue reading Self-Expression


Tearing Down Walls

I remember a friend, a long time ago, who needed knee surgery. All the doctors recommended it, she knew she needed it, but she refused. She couldn’t stand the idea of letting someone in- of dismantling her weakest points. More than that, she didn’t like the idea of how much work the rehabilitation would be.… Continue reading Tearing Down Walls

Don’t settle for less than everything you’ve always wanted.

It's no surprise to many of us that we will be working most of our lives and since it's something we MUST do, why not do something that gives you joy? Why settle when the happiness of your entire life is at stake? Somewhere in the mess of life people tend to forget their dreams… Continue reading Don’t settle for less than everything you’ve always wanted.